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Dein Name auf der Kunsthausfassade

The project „Dein Name auf der Kunsthausfassade BIX” (en.: “Your name on the BIX facade of the Modern Art Museum”) took place between 28.01. and 13.02.2019. You could send in your first name online and with a bit of luck you may have received an email telling you when your name will be displayed on the facade. The project was conceived by Klaus Pröpster and realized by me.

The challenge was to create an appealing and user-friendly app that could be used to send in the first name. On the other hand, the backend for managing the names was also a big challenge that had to be mastered. In the end, with almost 1400 participants, the project was a huge success.

David on the facade
Group photo spielmitbix.at
BIX in Grazetta
Advertisement in Kunsthaus
Article in Kleine Zeitung
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